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Do You Need Programming Skills to Learn Linux?

A few months ago I took the Introduction to Linux course offered through edX. It's an 18 chapter course with lots of reading, some videos, and a casual level of testing your knowledge. 

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How to Remove “Unity” and Install Cinnamon and Mate Desktop in Ubuntu 14.10

Unity is the default desktop interface for Ubuntu 14.10, many people like it and many don’t, for those who don’t like it, we’ll explain to you how to completely remove Unity from Ubuntu 14.10 and install Cinnamon & MATE interfaces easily. 

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How to Use Evernote From the Command Line on Linux

This week let's continue our journey into the depth of the Linux command line to manage and organize information. After managing your personal expenses from the command line, I propose you to manage your notes from the command line, in particular, when your notes are stored in Evernote. In case...

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9 mail/mailx Command Examples to Send Emails from Command Line on Linux

The mail command is an essential one that should be available on any linux server so that various services and other web applications can generate and transmit emails. 

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Ubuntu 14.10 PXE Server Installation

This guide explains how to configure PXE server in Ubuntu 14.10. PXE Server, stands for preboot execution environment, is used to enable a network computer to boot only from a network interface card. 

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