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For the community, by the community, strives to be the central source for Linux information, software, documentation, and solutions for the Linux operating system. The new will connect Linux users and developers, and by showcasing your skills through our guru listing, will connect you to jobs and collaboration opportunities.

The top 50 annual Linux gurus on will be included in an annual report from the Linux Foundation. The top five contributors to annually will receive invitations to the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit and have a seat at the annual planning meeting as community representatives. The top user will be recognized each year as the “Ultimate Linux Guru” and be given a fully loaded “dream” Linux notebook as recognition of his or her guru status.

How Do You Become a Linux Guru?

To get started, click Login to use or Register to get your free account. You will land on your Profile page in the Community section, where you can start your participation.

Get Involved

Socializing with other Linux users on is very worthwhile, but it's not the only opportunity to participate in the community. You can contribute your own content to, too.

Here are the other ways you can contribute:

Become a Linux Guru, Win Prizes, Gain Standing in the Community

If you participate in the site's community by providing content, you will gain guru points that will showcase your skills. Here is the current list of assigned point values:

Publish an Article: 5 pts
Publish a Blog: 3 pts
Ask a Question: 3 pts
Answer a Question: 5 pts
Add an Item to the Directory: 3 pts
Review an Item in the Directory: 2 pts
Invite Friends: 5 pts
Approve Friend Request: 1 pt
Add New Photo Album: 1 pt
Post Wall: 1 pt
Profile Update: 1 pt

The top five Linux gurus and ultimate Linux guru will be determined by guru points total on Feb 15 every year.

LF employees and contractors are not eligible. Travel fees to the conference are not included but winners can apply to the Linux Foundation travel fund.



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