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Does Microsoft's 'Sudo Patent' Protect User Account Control?

Article Source InformationWeek's Open Source Weblog
November 12, 2009, 11:49 am

Has Microsoft gone one step closer to patenting the words "May I?" That's been the general sentiment about the granting of Microsoft's "Rights elevator" patent -- which would cover User Account Control ("UAC") in Vista and Windows 7, but possibly also the generic sudo command in Unix.

The exact wording in the abstract of the patent (#7,617,530) seems to describe UAC to a T:

Systems and/or methods are described that enable a user to elevate his or her rights. In one embodiment, these systems and/or methods present a user interface identifying an account having a right to permit a task in response to the task being prohibited based on a user's current account not having that right...

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