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Extracting License Information From RPM Files and Distributions

I've noticed what seems to be a growing demand on behalf of downstream recipients of open source software to provide a list of all the licenses which can be found in the software provided.

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An Insight into Open Source Initiatives at BT

Both BT's open source innovation capability, Osmosoft, and its open source governance unit, the Open Source Operations Team, aim to operate in as transparent a man...

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Porting to Open Source--Where to Begin...

So once an entity decides to "open up" its proprietary product, what does it entail? 
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Webinar: Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Exporting Software Containing Encryption

Eran Strod of Black Duck Software will give a webinar about the "Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Exporting Software Containing Encryption" on Thursday, January 14th
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Microsoft Legal Unfazed by Ubuntu Windows XP GUI Clone

When word came over the holidays that a Chinese group had created an Ubuntu distribution named Ylmf OS that clones the look and feel of Windows XP, we contacted Microsoft to see what they thought about this very odd way of pirating the company's most popular operating system.
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