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F/OSS and the Public Sector

I've long held the view that the public sector stands to gain more from the adoption of F/OSS technology and principles than perhaps any other area.
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A Bit of a Licence

One of the striking aspects of the free software community is its obsession with licences. It's as if within every hacker there's a lawyer struggling to get out.
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SCO Ousts Darl... But The Saga Continues

Just when you think the saga of SCO can't get any weirder, it does. The SCO Group announced in the last few days it was firing Darl McBride, but also "restructuring" and also "looking to raise additional funding and sell non-core assets to bolster working capital."
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GPLv2 Ambiguities Linger On

Scarcely a week goes by without some criticism or analysis of open source licensing, and this time around it's whether or not the GPLv2's "legally ambiguous".
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Notes from FOSSBazaar Meeting at Open World Forum

We had a very productive FOSSBazaar meeting at Open World Forum in Paris earlier this month. The slides of the presentations are available and here are some notes about the meeting.
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