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Notes from FOSSBazaar Meeting at Open World Forum

We had a very productive FOSSBazaar meeting at Open World Forum in Paris earlier this month. The slides of the presentations are available and here are some notes about the meeting.
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Take Two On Three Ways

I goofed a bit in my previous blog about open core / open source licensing.
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Open Three Ways, Or More

Earlier in the week the CAOS Theory blog of the 451 Group noted there were three, or actually four, ways you could handle "open core" licensing -- where the basic version of your product is free, but the add-on...
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The Latest In Patent Absurdity

In one week, Red Hat's asked the Supreme Court to do away with software patents, while Eolas prepares to sue just about everyone on the planet with "fully interactive embedded applications" on their websites.
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Copyright Control

Copyright law is "interesting" to say the least — and incredibly contentious. For some, it is an evil that stifles progress. For others, it is all that stands between them and bankruptcy.
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