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Learning to Program, the Open Source Way

Kushal Das thinks he knows what you're doing this summer: joining him and his team of volunteers in free, online programming classes, where you'll learn more than just how to code. In Kushal's hands, you'll also receive a crash course in the open source way. read more...

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Make it Easy to Contribute by Making the Software Easy to Test

Question: How do you get more developers to contribute to a free and open source software project? Contribution is the lifeblood of a FOSS community  Without contributions the community can’t grow beyond the initial project founders. People don’t just show up ready to work. They very likely start as users,...

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Four Types of Open Source Communities

Open source software is not only about programming code. There exists a vast amount of different organizational structures that facilitate the development and diffusion of open source software. In this article, I explain the main types of organizations within the open source community. read more...

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Fixing the Patent System: Government and Industry Push for Reform

In the US it’s estimated that lawsuits from patent assertion entities, commonly called patent trolls, have cost the US economy some $300 billion in lost wealth, causing far-reaching repercussions in terms of missed opportunities from companies scared of possible legal exposure. Many in Washington, Silicon Valley, and elsewhere have been...

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International FOSS Law Review 5.1 Available

The seventh issue (Volume 5, No. 1) of the International Free and Open Source Software Law Review is now available. The article topics include an analysis and study of case law regarding APIs and the *GPL licenses, the rise of open source software foundations, and a study of the Lisp...

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