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Driving Better Governance With Open Source

"Ten years ago, open source—notably Linux—was often labelled a ‘fad’ or destined for the ‘hobbyist’ market,” said Mark Bohannon, Vice President for Corporate Affairs & Global Public Policy at Red Hat. "Fast forward to today. Owing not only to the benefits of the technology, but also to the benefits of...

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50 Community Building Tips from Feverbee

If you're looking for a few immediately useful actions for community building, here are 50 that might help. read more...

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Are Freeloaders Helpful or Hurtful to Open Source Communities?

Freeloaders: helpful or hurtful? Concerns are raised every once in a while in the broader free and open source software community about freeloaders. The attitude expressed is that if you're getting the benefit of FOSS, you should contribute. Building a business on a FOSS project you don't own, whether you're...

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Learning to Program, the Open Source Way

Kushal Das thinks he knows what you're doing this summer: joining him and his team of volunteers in free, online programming classes, where you'll learn more than just how to code. In Kushal's hands, you'll also receive a crash course in the open source way. read more...

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Make it Easy to Contribute by Making the Software Easy to Test

Question: How do you get more developers to contribute to a free and open source software project? Contribution is the lifeblood of a FOSS community  Without contributions the community can’t grow beyond the initial project founders. People don’t just show up ready to work. They very likely start as users,...

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