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Lessons Learned from a Hasty Standard

The ISO has modified its procedures after the controversial adoption of Microsoft's OOXML document format as an open standard in expedited proceedings...

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IRC, Still the Best Support Around

If you haven't gotten our subtle hints during the past year or so, IRC certainly is not dead. It really is the best way to get knowledgeable support from the folks who know best. There are a few caveats, however, that may not be obvious to people new to this...

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The Job of the Linux Distribution

To take an operating system like Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or Ubuntu and say that it's "Linux", is only half the truth. Linux now refers to the kernel and...

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The Fragmentation of Linux: Two Points of View

The fragmentation of Linux has become a hot topic in recent weeks as industry leaders debate how the community can collaborate to compete against single, vertical operating systems without creating an ecosystem that pulls the community in too many directions at once to be truly effective...

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Legal Foundations of the Open Source Way

I had the opportunity to participate as a speaker in the first Open Your World forum.  My presentation, "Open Source License Compliance", was an adaptation of a talk I've previously given to lawyers with varying levels of experience in the legal issues surrounding open source software.  It is always challenging...

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