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Digia Buys Qt

The Qt cross platform application framework is being acquired from Nokia by Finnish company Digia in a deal that will see assets and employees transfer to the software and services company...

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Nikon To Launch Android Based Camera

Quite a co-incidence. We just published an article about managing your Nikon DSLR cameras using your Android devices, and here comes a rumor that Nikon is planning to announce Android based cameras.

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New Burp Proxy Cracks Android SSL

Among other things, the new version of Burp Proxy offers a workaround for a problem that previously prevented the analysis of encrypted SSL connections on Android phones...

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IDC: Android and iOS Continue to Carve Up the World, Another Record Quarter for Smartphones

According to IDC's latest figures, Android and iOS now account for 85 percent of the 152 million smartphones shipped in Q2 2012. Google's OS powered 68.1 percent of all smartphones sold -- with Samsung making the hardware behind for just under half of those. Apple's smartphones now claim a 16.9 percent marketshare and while plenty of phone shoppers are holding out for the iPhone's...

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10 Android Smartphones That Made History (Slideshow)

Since the HTC G1 introduced Android in October 2008, a multitude of vendors have shipped thousands of different smartphone models around the world. Yet only a few dozen have made a major impact. Here, I single out the 10 most significant Android smartphones in the platform's short history. My criteria includes popularity, technological and design breakthroughs, and their debut of new Android releases. These were the phones that not only showed there were viable alternatives to the highly controlled, one-size-fits-all philosophy of the Apple iPhone – they were the phones that made people go "Wow."

Although the list skews toward high-end models available in the U.S., it should be noted that Android's success is due more to the wide variety of affordable options for consumers than in competing with the iPhone on the high end.  In fact, a more suitable candidate for our list might be something like the Huawei C8650, a modest, 600MHz, 3.5-inch Android 2.3 phone that is still a top seller in China.

The C8650's specs are not much different than the original G1, but it's the software that makes all the difference. The simple, rough-hewn Android 1.0 -- bereft even of a confectionary code-name -- made for a somewhat bitter repast compared to Gingerbread, let alone the sweet delights of an Ice Cream Sandwich. Still, it was evident even in 2008 that the iPhone might soon have a real challenger on its hands.

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