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Severe Silent Circle Blackphone Vulnerability Lets Hackers Take Over

The security-focused smartphone contained vulnerabilities which allow hackers to control the device's modem and call functions.

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Fixed-Wing Parrot Disco Drone Stays Aloft for 45 Minutes

Parrot showed off a fixed-wing, hand-launchable “Disco” drone that can fly for up to 45 minutes at up to 50 mph, and offers a new autopilot mode. 

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Android Open Source Move Could Boost Java and Aid in Legal Battles with Oracle

Google's planned mobile operating system, which has been referred to as Android N, will leverage OpenJDK APIs rather than Google's own Java implementation alone. The move has been praised as good for Java overall and might help the company in its ongoing legal battle with Oracle.

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Moto 360 Sport review: Best Android Wear smartwatch for recreational runners

The Moto 360 Sport is focused on running with an integrated GPS receiver. While the music experience is terrible while running, it does a good job of tracking your route.

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2015 Embedded Linux Trends in Gaming, TV, Robots, Cars, and Wearables

Part two of this series looks at where Linux and Android are either thriving (media players, TVs, drones, robots), struggling (games), or are well poised for future success (3D printers, augmented reality, wearables, and automotive).

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