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What Role Does Linux Play in Microsoft's End of the Dell Deal?

This week, there is much buzz surrounding Dell Computer going private in an expensive deal for which Microsoft has contributed $2 billion. Microsoft and Dell, of course, have been close partners since the birth of the personal computer industry, and much of the rise of the Windows operating system came from early hardware partners such as Dell bundling Windows on computers.

Today we have a new personal computing landscape, though, and some are asking if Dell's move to go private was driven by fear of Linux. Was that Microsoft's prompt for dropping $2 billion when the company rarely drops that kind of money?

As Computerworld notes:

"Microsoft's $2 billion loan to Dell is a sign that the software maker wants to influence hardware designs in a post-PC world while protecting itself from the growing influence of Linux-based operating systems in mobile devices and servers, according to analysts."

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  • Jim Gribbin Said:

    I don't believe Dell has any particular fear of Linux. I do believe it has terrorized Microsoft for over a decade now.

  • RalphnKCr Said:

    Dell only fears the whims of the consumer and business markets. MS or Linux, they care not which is the OS run on their computers. Going private will allow management ( Dell and his partners) to take the time AND money required to create the next hardware AND/OR service that they think will be in demand. Now MS, being an investor, can certainly influence which OS and apps are used. :)

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