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Google's Tim Bray Steps Down in the Name of Working Remotely

Does Bray leaving Google suggest a new twist in the working-from-home ethos of Silicon Valley? [Read more]    ...

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How to Hire and Keep Good Women Technologists

I recently posted about Dropbox’s hiring practices and how they put women at a disadvantage. But Dropbox is by no means a worst offender. This is an industry-wide issue.

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Keep Learning Linux—It's The Future

Everyone’s a tech company these days. From new-school video streaming services like Netflix to old-school grocery businesses and government agencies, technology increasingly drives business productivity. At the heart of this movement is Linux, resulting in exceptional, highly paid job opportunities for Linux professionals.

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Inside DuckDuckGo, Google's Tiniest, Fiercest Competitor

When Gabriel Weinberg launched a search engine in 2008, plenty of people thought he was insane. How could DuckDuckGo, a tiny, Philadelphia-based startup, go up against Google? One way, he wagered, was by respecting user privacy. Six years later, we're living in the post-Snowden era, and the idea doesn't seem so crazy.

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Linux Job Market Heats Up

Want a tech job? Then polish up your Linux skills and you will be handsomely rewarded.

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