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Five Enterprise Features in PostgreSQL 9

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group recently released PostgreSQL 9.0, with major new features and more than 200 addons and improvements for the popular database.

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MySQL fork Drizzle Goes Beta

The Drizzle fork of MySQL, a major reworking of the database software for web and cloud use, reaches official beta status and can now import MySQL databases...

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Apache Shindig 2.0: OpenSocial Implementation for Java and PHP

Sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation, Shindig 2.0, the reference implementation of an OpenSocial container for Java and PHP now supports OpenSocial 0.9 and 1.0...

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UK Open Government Licence Removes Barriers to Re-Use of Public Sector Information

Launched today by the National Archives, a new UK Open Government Licence removes many of the existing barriers to re-use of government held information...

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WordPress to Replace Microsoft Live Spaces Blogging

Microsoft is to close down its Live Spaces blogging service (launched six-years ago as MSN Spaces). Blogs hosted on Spaces will be migrated to WordPress...

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