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Red Hat on the S&P 500 is a Sign of Linux Maturity

While there is little doubt that IPO was a big event for Red Hat and Linux, perhaps an even more important one from a milestone point of view will officially occur this Friday.
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Open Source for America Promotes FOSS for Government

Starting today, a new coalition of technology industry companies, organizations, and academic institutions will be actively promoting one sure way of cutting IT costs: using open source software and open technology solutions.

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Sun Shareholders Approve Merger With Oracle

The deal is still being scrutinized by federal regulators, however, and the hold-up is how Oracle licenses the rights to Java.
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Is Oracle Getting Ready To Kill Unbreakable Linux?

Will Unbreakable Linux be pushed to the sidelines by another open source operating system?
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Found: Another Profitable Open Source Company

The VAR Guy wonders which open source companies are solidly profitable
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