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New Study Shows Linux Desktop Growing Stronger

Even as the global recession cuts into worldwide PC shipments, a new analyst report released today reveals a strong and growing interest among IT staffs to deploy Linux as a cost-reduction and security-enhancing measure in their respective companies.

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The New Face of Open Source on Wall Street

Open source has long flourished on Wall Street as financial services firms have sought competitive differentiation by tweaking open-source software for enhanced performance and functionality. Wall Street was the first sector to buy heavily into Linux...
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If Oracle Commits to Solaris, Will IBM Buy Red Hat?

Katherine Egbert has predicted (again) that Red Hat will be bought, this time by IBM.
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What Does a Linux Support Contract Buy?

Though it's struggled when it comes to kicking in doors in the consumer market, Linux has clearly found a welcome home in the enterprise...

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How to Talk to Your CIO/CTO About Using Linux

Is this a prime time to suggest new or expanded uses of Linux and open source software to your CIO or CTO to update and improve your company’s IT systems?

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