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Pi Day Celebrations Kick Off With a 'Pi in the Sky'

With everybody's favorite holiday around the corner -- Pi Day, of course -- celebrations have already begun to take place around the US. Sky gazers in Austin, Texas, may have noticed something interesting happening with skywriting airplanes on Thursday -- namely, a "pi in the sky." To celebrate Pi Day and honor the great mathematical constant of 3.141592 etc., AirSign aircrafts took to the skies to attempt to spell out the infinite pi sequence across 100 miles of sky in Austin. Related stories Want to be better at math? Electric shocks could help Microsoft's unXcellent math adventure in new Surface 2 ad Google subtracts MathML...

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Introduction to Linux Course Now Free, Open to All

Almost 25 years ago a young engineer started an operating system project "just for fun" to run on his own hardware. He opened it up to the world, and through a combination of good design and good luck, Linux was born. The Internet was the fundamental enabling technology of the...

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A Perfect Match: Linux and MOOCs

MOOCs appeal to different people in different ways. From the college student who wants to supplement his or her coursework to the stay-at-home dad who wants to brush up on Chinese history (and there are hundreds of other examples), the appeal is obvious and the opportunities endless.

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edX Welcomes the Linux Foundation

I have often referred to edX as the Linux for learning. And last week, The Linux Foundation became one of our first non-university members to offer courses on edX. 

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Google's Coding Internship Summer Program Reaches 10th Year

What's new for Google's Summer of Code (GSoC) internship program this year? For one, GSoC accepted 190 mentoring organizations, which is more than any other year. The very first GSoC program began in the summer of 2005, so this year also marks another milestone—they're 10th year anniversary. What is likely...

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