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2014: A Great Year for Developers – and We’re Only Halfway Through

Microsoft, Apple and Google have all made big announcements at their developer conferences. What do they mean for developers and how we design and build applications?

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Linus Torvalds to Developers: To Succeed, Make it Personal

"It's not that Linux was new from a technical standpoint. It was new because it was done differently," says Linus Torvalds in his interview with the IEEE Computer Society. "Linux made it clear how well open source works, not just from a technical standpoint, but also from a business, commercial, and community standpoint."

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5 Myths About Working Collaboratively

I’m a big believer in collaboration. It's one of the main tenets of the open source way and a huge part of the design process. When done right, collaboration is about finding the right and diverse mix of people, collectively defining the problem and goals, and then collectively doing the...

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Jim Zemlin to Wall Street: Why Open Source Will Lead the Way

Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin talks to Wall Street about tomorrow's technology and what role open source will play.

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What's Behind the Success of Free and Open Source Healthcare?

Black Duck recently published the results of their Future of Open Source Survey, finding the healthcare industry to be one of the most impacted by open source. read more...

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