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Lessons from a Silicon Valley Software Engineer's Job Search

This post is a fairly exhaustive summary of the things I learned during my recent Silicon Valley job search. It is really quite long, but has been edited aggressively, and I’ve tried to make sure that nearly every point is either actionable, interesting, or both. If you’re currently or may one day be looking for a job as a programmer, either in San Francisco or elsewhere in the world, then there should hopefully be a bunch of useful stuff for you. I’ve tried to give numbers and stats where possible - your mileage will of course vary, but my hope is that they are still helpful for working out which ballpark to start in.

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One Week Left To The 2014 Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

Kicking off one week's time will be the annual Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in Napa Valley, California...

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IBM, New York Genome Center Prep Watson Prototype

The collaboration, one of many IBM is planning to widen cognitive computing's footprint, will be the first Watson implementation for genomic research.

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GitHub Puts Co-Founder on Leave After Sexual Harassment Claims

GitHub is the latest tech company to be accused of turning a blind eye to on-going sexual harassment in the work place. After last week's departure of engineer Julie Ann Horvath, who detailed the sexism she said she experienced at GitHub in an interview with TechCrunch, the company has put the alleged offenders on leave. 

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Benchmark Vendor Comes Down on Samsung, Sony Phones for Gaming Tests

Last year, a number of Samsung phones were found to be falsely inflating Primate Labs' popular Geekbench 3 benchmarking tests. The software maker recently reported the results of its benchmark boosting detection and how it will deal with the gaming of its system.

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