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FSF Gives Awards to Matthew Garrett, Outreach Program for Women

The Free Software Foundation has announced that its annual award for the advancement of free software has gone to Matthew Garrett for his work making Linux support UEFI secure boot systems. The award for projects of social benefit went to the Outreach Program for Women.

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Successful Woman Computer Scientist Addresses Imposter Syndrome

In every job I’ve had in the last 25 years, I’ve been the first woman to hold my position—head of computer science and dean of science at the University of British Columbia, dean of engineering at Princeton, and now president of Harvey Mudd College. As my career progressed, so did the intensity of my feelings of failure.

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After OLPC, Does IT in Education Have a Future?

IT in schools can be a powerful tool for students in emerging nations, but we've got to think about more than just the hardware. Here, one school offers a glimpse of how tech really can make a difference.

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ATM Operators Eye Linux as Alternative to Windows XP

Some financial services companies are looking to migrate their ATM fleets from Windows to Linux in a bid to have better control over hardware and software upgrade cycles.

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Lessons from a Silicon Valley Software Engineer's Job Search

This post is a fairly exhaustive summary of the things I learned during my recent Silicon Valley job search. It is really quite long, but has been edited aggressively, and I’ve tried to make sure that nearly every point is either actionable, interesting, or both. If you’re currently or may one day be looking for a job as a programmer, either in San Francisco or elsewhere in the world, then there should hopefully be a bunch of useful stuff for you. I’ve tried to give numbers and stats where possible - your mileage will of course vary, but my hope is that they are still helpful for working out which ballpark to start in.

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