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Microsoft Loses Top Engineer to Google

Microsoft distinguished engineer Blaise Agüera y Arcas is joining Google. Agüera y Arcas originally joined Microsoft in 2006 after the software giant acquired his Seadragon startup. He was a key software architect that helped develop and build Microsoft’s Bing Maps service and its image-stitching Photosynth software. The New York Times reports...

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Samsung Merges Camera and Mobile Divisions in a Bid to Differentiate its Smartphones

The last two specs that have any meaning left on a smartphone's spec sheet are the camera and the battery. Recognizing the importance of imaging to its phone line — and the complementary need for connectivity in modern cameras — Samsung has decided to combine its Digital Imaging and Mobile...

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Google Might Ditch Intel and Design Its Own Chips

Even with its burgeoning Nexus program, Google is still primarily seen as a software and services company rather than a hardware designer. And yet, all those web services, from YouTube videos to Street View panoramas to Google Docs, need a solid infrastructure of servers to support them — which has led Google...

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'Desktops are Not Dead,' Says HP CEO

CEO Meg Whitman touts HP's ability to offer businesses virtual desktops, workstations, laptops, tablets, and desktops. [Read more]    ...

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Microsoft FAT Patent Loss Endangers its Android Revenue

A patent loss in a German court may lead to trouble for Microsoft's Android strategy.

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