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Google Woos Developers with Packaged App Strategy, Updated Plumbing

At its recent Chrome Developer Summit, Google officials made more clear than ever that they see the Chrome platform as a strategic on-ramp for Google's services, with packaged apps and mobile apps playing a central role in that effort. As I've been covering recently, Google Chrome is, effectively, behaving much more like an operating system, in the sense that it is gaining plumbing and services that make it an effective springboard for applications. Now, a new 30-minute presentation video from the Chrome Summit makes very clear how Google is approaching this challenge. 

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One Standard to Sync Them All: AllSeen Alliance Forms to Accelerate Internet of Things Adoption

Eighteen months ago, Qualcomm SVP Rob Chandok succinctly explained why the internet of things was failing. Instead of working together, manufacturers designed their smart televisions and appliances to only communicate with their own proprietary applications. Instead of building an ecosystem of devices that could talk to one another, they only built...

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Behind Samsung's Push to Rule the World

Details matter. A lot. As Sujin Park, a senior member of Samsung's design strategy team, put it to me, "Localizing is our strategy."

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How to Make the Brave Move from Commercial to Open Source

I work for a private ISV and consultancy company focused on delivering software products for financial institutions. Three years ago my company decided to share our achievements and knowledge by publishing our application, FinTP, for processing financial transactions under an open source license. Here, I will explore the changes a company has...

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House Passes Bill Aimed at Curbing Patent Troll Lawsuits

Innovation Act aims to discourage frivolous lawsuits by creating new requirements plaintiffs must meet to file patent infringement lawsuits. [Read more]    ...

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