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Apple Needs to Catch Samsung, Amazon in Displays: Researcher

In a research note outlining the leading display technologies in 2014, DisplayMate Technologies Raymond Soneira claims Apple has some catching up to do. [Read more]    ...

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Google, Cisco Sign Deal to Avoid Future Patent Squabbles

The new patent cross-licensing agreement is designed to protect both companies from patent lawsuits. [Read more]    ...

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Microsoft Names Satya Nadella New CEO

The new CEO replaces Steve Ballmer and will take the reins as questions mount about the company's direction. [Read more]    ...

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Qualcomm Gobbles Palm Patents After Rummaging Around HP's Backroom

Mobile chipset maker Qualcomm has bought 2,400 patents from HP, including Palm and iPaq technology.…...

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China Soon to Become the ‘Next India,’ in Software Services

The one area in which India has long been able to claim superiority over China is in software services. This too will end if China has its way and India fails to innovate.

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