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China Soon to Become the ‘Next India,’ in Software Services

The one area in which India has long been able to claim superiority over China is in software services. This too will end if China has its way and India fails to innovate.

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How to Get Your Conference Talk Submission Accepted

Michael Davies, a part of the (LCA) conference talk review committee, spent a session at this year's conference talking about how they review talk submissions and choose which ones to accept for this large Australian open source conference. While he spoke specifically about LCA, his tips are largely applicable...

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Amazon's Open Source Selfishness Scares Off Talent, Say Insiders

 Amazon is one of the most technically influential companies operating today – but you wouldn't know it, thanks to a dearth of published research papers and negligible code contributions to the open-source projects it relies on.…...

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The Linux Foundation Delivers Complete 2014 Event Schedule

The Linux Foundation has changed up its mode of planning events, and has released its schedule of events for the entire year.  A new video is also being launched with the announcement.

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America's Coming Geek Gap

 Practically nobody is taking the Advanced Placement computer science exam. High schools aren't teaching AP computer science courses.

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