Government Users Start Looking Under Linux Hood

If you are a local government IT official in the U.S. today, it’s likely easier for you to pick up a phone and get easy, quick answers from proprietary software vendors to find technology products to fill your needs, rather than having to manually sort through the sometimes fragmented world of open source projects to find a good fit.

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City of Vancouver Embraces Open Data, Standards and Source

Vancouver city council has endorsed the principles of making its data open and accessible to everyone where possible...
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Creating FOSS Allies Through Volunteerism

We know that free and open source software (FOSS) is bigger than the code. It’s a powerful movement, with the potential to change the world in profound ways. Cooperation. Collaboration. The best minds working toward the best solutions they can imagine and making those ideas available to all, regardless of cash flow — these ingredients make for quite a heady stew.
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Linux Picked in Gendarmerie Lineup

If the process of migrating away from Windows is a bit trial and error, then La Gendarmerie Nationale, France's national police force, have practiced it until perfection over the last ten years. What started as the realization that their IT infrastructure had become rigid and inflexible, eventually built into one of the smoothest large-scale migrations ever seen in IT.

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How to Convince Your Manager to Use Open Source Software

You know who loves open source software? Developers love open source software. Developers, and IT staff. If open source was a band, these guys would be the biggest fans. They’ve downloaded it, they’ve used it, they know it works — and they know it saves them loads of both time and money
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