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Supercomputing Set to Bolster China’s Industrial Power

In this translated article from Japan’s Sentaku magazine, China’s role as a miltary-industrial power is examined in light of the nation’s recent rise to the highest rankings on the TOP500.

Washington now faces a new and serious challenge from Beijing, which, because of its advancement in supercomputer technology, is trying to catch up with the U.S. in such diversified military fields as missiles, military satellites and nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers. If China succeeds in increasing the computing speed of its supercomputers, they would be instrumental in greatly elevating the capabilities of its naval vessels — such as the Lanzhou-class destroyers. Although they are called Chinese AEGIS ships, at present they cannot cope with simultaneous multiple targets — such as aircraft, missiles and submarines — because their computers are not advanced enough. High-speed supercomputers will also be useful in the operation of the aircraft carrier under construction.

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