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An Introduction to CouchDB

Article Source Linux Magazine
November 1, 2009, 8:00 pm

A couple weeks ago I wrote about NoSQL and provided a short overview of the landscape of non-relational databases. One that has become increasingly popular is Apache CouchDB, so I’d like to spend a couple weeks digging into it a bit and talking about why it’s so interesting.

Before I do, it’s worth noting that Ubuntu 9.10 was just released and uses CouchDB under the hood. The Ubuntu One backup/synchronization service makes it easy to back up and sync Firefox bookmarks, Tomboy notes, files, contacts, and more. As more users adopt 9.10 and Ubuntu One, CouchDB usage grows accordingly. If you read my previous NoSQL article and wondered which projects are ready for prime time, consider this a big vote of confidence for CouchDB...

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