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Introducing Forrester’s Targeted-Attack Hierarchy Of Needs

We recently published part 1 of a new series designed to help organizations build resiliency against targeted attacks. In the spirit of Maslow, we designed our Targeted-Attack Hierarchy Of Needs. One factor that significantly drove the tone and direction of this research was Forrester client inquiries and consulting. Many organizations were looking for a malware sandbox to check off their targeted attack/advanced persistent threat/advanced threat protection/insert buzzword needs. Malware analysis has a role in enterprise defense, but focusing exclusively on it is a myopic approach to addressing the problem.  

Part 1 of the research is designed to help organizations broaden their perspective and lay the foundation for a resilient security program. Part 2 (currently writing at a non George R.R. Martin pace) will move beyond the basics and address strategies for detecting and responding to advanced adversaries. Here is a preview of the research and the six needs we identified: 

Read more at the Forrester Blog.



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  • one soldier Said:

    Take the hierarchy and flip the "famous triangle" upside-down,with the text left as is. Put root at the bottom, as in "You don't grow a tree from the top." Next is wheel and root's most trusted. You can take it from there. If you know Gestalt psychology, this is a good example of "geometric tyranny." It's an attack, of sorts, but just as well hidden as Parasearu. Makes sense, so I use it to teach both Maslow and UNIX architecture. Then I lay on a little Inodalyn. Cheers. Have fun.

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