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Security in an Error-Prone World

Computers and their software are still designed like 1960s cars, administrator Konstantin Ryabitsev said at the beginning of his Korea Linux Forum talk.

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Chef Says its New Tool Can Deliver Your Code Quicker and With Less Bugs

The workflow Chef Delivery automation tool is now fully available as company says it is integrating software from Germany's VulcanoSec.

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Intel’s Clear Containers Address Security Concerns

The New Stack: If you’re reading this site regularly, you’d probably agree how containers are starting to change the way we perceive the application stack. However, major questions still linger around container security. At least one company cognizant of this issue is Intel, which earlier this year launched Clear Containers, a technology designed to mix the security benefits of full virtual machines (VMs) with the deployment ease of containers. 

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Linux Foundation Scholarship Recipient: Enrique Sevillano

The Linux Foundation regularly awards scholarships as part of its Linux Training Scholarship Program. In the five years that the Linux Foundation has hosted this program, it has awarded a total of 34 scholarships totalling more than $100,000 in free training. In this continuing series, we are sharing the stories of recent scholarship recipients in the hope that they will inspire others.

Enrique Sevillano (age 42) is a recipient in the Sys Admin Superstar category and works as an IT manager at an energy utility company in the United States. He recently decided to move the company’s architecture to Linux. By doing so, he says, they have optimized services on old servers that otherwise would have been cost prohibitive. Enrique says Linux and open source have allowed him to deploy a high-availability virtualization infrastructure as well as affordable storage and cloud solutions.

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Open Source R Code to Get New Hub with Help from the Linux Foundation


The R Consortium and the Linux Foundation will fund a new open source developer hub for the R programming language called R-Hub, which complements CRAN and R-Forge.

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