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18 Open Source/Commercial Control Panels to Manage Linux Servers

As an owner of the website it is very difficult to manage multiple websites without a control panel. However to suit the needs, we need a custom hosting plan. A Web hosting control panel is a totally web-based interface which has capability to manage your web services under a single...

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Cisco Launches Open-Source Tool for Penetration Testers

Penetration testers seeking flaws in computer systems can now take advantage of Kvasir, a web-based application built to assist in "at-a-glance" tests.

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Google's Native Client Dilemma: A Fast but Fragmented Web?

The powerful new Google+ photos app embodies a sticky situation facing Web developers: Embracing Google's NaCl tech for high-performance Web apps risks sites that only work for Chrome users. [Read more]    ...

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Enterprise Architecture Means Better Business, Pure and Simple

A customer walks into a bank....

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DevOps Experts: Small Teams, Communication Are Key

At a small startup, everyone sits in the same room and has 10 jobs. At a large organization, people are narrower in their roles and it is easy for employees to fall out of contact.

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