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Choosing the Right Linux Distro for Your Enterprise Servers

Discuss the merits of the many competing desktop Linux distributions out there, and you could fill several hours with heated debate. Turn the conversation to enterprise server distros, however, and the room can become quiet very quickly. The fact is, those on the hunt for the best or easiest or...

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Take the 2013 Puppet Labs DevOps Survey and Win Cool Prizes

Last year we partnered with Gene Kim and Jez Humble to survey over 4,000 technical professionals across a wide range of businesses to better understand how the collection of practices we call DevOps had evolved since the label was first coined by Patrick Debois in 2009. This year, we're pleased to bring the survey back with help from Gene, Jez and many other practitioners, researchers and thought leaders in the DevOps community.

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Security in 2014: What are the Experts Predicting?

I get a lot of security predictions pitched at me and I was intrigued by quite a few this year. There's good and bad news, and good and bad predictions.

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What a Successful Exploit of a Linux Server Looks Like

Andre' DiMino Like most mainstream operating systems these days, fully patched installations of Linux provide a level of security that requires a fair amount of malicious hacking to overcome. Those assurances can be completely undone by a single unpatched application, as Andre' DiMino has demonstrated when he documented an Ubuntu machine in his lab being converted into a Bitcoin-mining, denial-of-service-spewing, vulnerability-exploiting hostage under the control of attackers. A security researcher with George Washington University, DiMino noticed several IP addresses attempting to hijack...

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10 Useful Open Source Security Firewalls for Linux Systems

Being an Nix admin over 5+ years, I'm  always responsible for the security management of Linux servers. Firewalls plays an important role in securing Linux systems/networks. It acts like an security guard between internal and external network by controlling and managing incoming and outgoing... [[ This is a content...

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