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In Remaking Itself, HP Delivers the IT Means for Struggling Enterprises to Remake Themselves

HP has quickly made itself a key supplier of some of the most important technologies of the present corporate era: cloud computing and big data processing.

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IBM Will be Bringing KVM Linux Virtualization to Power in 2014

KVM, the long a popular x86 Linux virtualization technology, will appear in IBM's Power architecture in 2014.

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Zenoss Focuses on Managing "Ridiculously Complex" Environments

Zenoss' Chris Smith chats about what the company is doing and why they are winning in the market.

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Are All Applications Going to be Virtual in the Future?

People want to be able to access applications and data from wherever they are, using their favorite device. Is application virtualization the answer? Spoon's Kenji Obata thinks so.

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Btrfs: Exploring its Powerful Filesystem Subvolumes and Snapshots

My hands-on experiments with some advanced Btrfs capabilities show why it's such a useful tool for Linux administrators.

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