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Scientific Linux release 5.4 has been released for i386 and x86_64

There are packages that we used to have to add to Scientific Linux, that are now already in Enterprise 5, and so we do not have to add them ourselves.
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Fedora 12 vs. Ubuntu 9.10 Benchmarks

Canonical released Ubuntu 9.10 last week, which introduced the Ubuntu Software Center and brought a wide variety of other improvements, while Red Hat is scheduled to release Fedora 12 in two weeks.

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eWEEK at 25: Open Source Has Proven a Remarkably Fertile Platform

PC Week's (now eWEEK's) birth year 1984--was a busy one for technology. One platform that began to take shape at that time was focused not on hardware or software but on licensing. Richard Stallman quit his job at MIT to start the GNU project...
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Distribution Release: Monomaxos 4.0

Dimitris Papadatos has announced the release of Monomaxos 4.0, a Greek desktop-oriented distribution based on Ubuntu (and a screensaver showing magnificent images of Greece).
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Mandriva 2010.0 Released

The 2010.0 release of Mandriva Linux is now available. This update to Mandriva brings KDE 4.3 (along with GNOME 2.28) along with options for Moblin and OLPC Sugar desktops...
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