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RHEL 5.9 - 5.10 Risk Report Released

Mark Cox posted his latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux risk report, this time for versions 5.9 through 5.10. In its seventh year, RHEL 5 will be supported through March 31, 2017. RHEL version 6.5 Beta was released yesterday extending "its scalability and manageability to aid in the build-out and control of large, complex...

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Beta Available Now

A new beta for Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available for download for subscribing customers, and it is likely that a final release will be available soon. As usual, the release includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements, a few of which showcase just how powerful Linux has become. 

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Cinnamon 2.0 Desktop Is Readied For Release

Linux Mint's Cinnamon 2.0 desktop fork of the GNOME Shell has been tagged and is being readied for release...

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Wayland-Based Hawaii Desktop Planned For Fedora 22

With the upcoming Fedora 20 release there is an early tech preview experience of Wayland with the GNOME Shell. Already expressed as a possibility is having Wayland be the default display server over the X11/X.Org with Fedora 21 about six months later, but there's now already talk of another Wayland-based...

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Preps New Capabilities

While we're on the lookout for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat has announced today the latest beta of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5...

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