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Distribution Release: SparkyLinux 3.1 "E17", "MATE", "Razor-qt"

Paweł Pijanowski has announced the release of SparkyLinux 3.1 "E17", "MATE" and "Razor-qt" editions, a set of Debian-based distributions and live CDs featuring three popular lightweight desktop user interfaces: "SparkyLinux 3.1 'Annagerman' E17, MATE and Razor-qt editions are out. The new ISO images of SparkyLinux provide a few....

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SUSE GSoC Students Rockin’ Ready!

We reached the conclusion of yet another Google Summer of Code. Our students and mentors put in a lot of effort, writing and reviewing code, documenting it and in the process and sharing and learning a lot. We’d like to share with you some of the experiences of our students, mentors and of course the state of the projects! 

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 Released

Red Hat has announced the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10...

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Distribution Release: NexentaStor 3.1.5

Michael Letschin has announced the release of NexentaStor 3.1.5, a new version of the project's specialist distribution optimised for virtualisation and network-attached storage - based on the Illumos kernel and ZFS file system: "Nexenta is pleased to announce the availability of our latest software release, NexentaStor 3.1.5. This....

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No Mir by Default in Ubuntu 13.10

Developers at Canonical have concluded that the Mir desktop server (or, more specifically, the XMir layer) will not be ready in time to be shipped as the default configuration in the 13.10 release — though they do still plan to go with Mir for Ubuntu Touch. "More specifically, the multi-monitor...

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