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Distribution Release: Ultimate Edition 3.6

"TheeMahn" has announced the release of Ultimate Edition 3.6, a desktop-oriented distribution and live CD with MATE as the default desktop, based on Ubuntu 12.10: "Ultimate Edition 3.6 was built from the ground up bootstrapped from the Ubuntu 12.10 tree. This was the first time I have done....

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Distribution Release: LinHES 8.0

Cecil Watson has released version 8.0 of LinHES (which stands for "Linux Home Entertainment System"), an Arch-based Linux distribution centred around MythTV. The biggest change of the release is the switch to the x86_64 architecture. From the release notes: "With this release of LinHES several things have changed.....

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Ubuntu Celebrates Its Ninth Birthday Amid Controversy

It was on this day nine years ago that Mark Shuttleworh announced the first Ubuntu Linux release, Ubuntu 14.10 "Warty Warthog", but the conversation this weekend hasn't been about how Ubuntu has advanced the Linux desktop and its adoption for nearly the past decade but rather Mark's comments about anti-Mir...

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Farewell Medibuntu

The Medibuntu repository was discontinued and is no longer available. As a consequence, you might see error messages in the Update Manager, Package Manager and Software Manager. The solution is to remove Medibuntu from your list of repositories: Open a terminal Type gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list to edit the list of repositories (replace “gedit” with “pluma” if you are running MATE, or with...

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Distribution Release: Ubuntu GNOME 13.10

Ali Jawad has announced the release of Ubuntu GNOME 13.10, the project's second release as an official Ubuntu flavour featuring the GNOME 3 desktop with GNOME Shell: "The Ubuntu GNOME team is proud to announce the release of Ubuntu GNOME 13.10. Ubuntu GNOME aims to bring a mostly....

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