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Twitter open sources its Iago load generator

Used by the micro-blogging company to test its services before they encounter production-level traffic, the Iago load generator focuses on high performance, multi-protocol and extensibility, and is now available under an open source licence...

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Doug Cutting: Hadoop Dodged a Microsoft-Oracle Stomping

We’ve all heard plenty about open source changing the dynamics of the tech industry and upsetting the old order. Open source, we’re told, is manifest destiny. Companies that ignore it will be consigned to history and CIOs who assert there’s no freebie...

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Dell Super Helps US Navy Steer Clear of Dangerous Weather

Dell’s Christine Fronczak writes that the team at Fleet Numerical are using their Dell supercomputer to keep the Navy out of Harm’s Way. Following a tragic event where an unexpected storm in 2008 that lead to the death of a submarine crew, the U.S. Navy expanded a program to help the submarine fleet better...

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Linux-based Supercomputers Land 462 Spots in TOP500 List

Linux-based supercomputers took 462 spots in the TOP500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers released this month, a whopping 92 percent of the list. Only two of the TOP500 supercomputers, a mere 0.4 percent, are Windows-based. 

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Linux Continues to Dominate List of Top 500 Supercomputers

According to the latest list of the world's top 500 supercomputers, Linux is dominating the space with 462 of the planet's 500 fastest computers running the open source operating system...

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