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Happy Birthday, Linux. You've Taught Us Much.

Twenty-four years ago today, Linus Torvalds sent a message to the world. He said, “Hello, everybody out there…” and then calmly unleashed Linux. That message was received loud and clear. Since that day in 1991, Linux has undergone massive development and logged many milestones and Torvalds has become an iconic figure in the tech world. A recent article by Ashlee Vance, stated that “Torvalds may be the most influential individual economic force of the past 20 years.

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The Potential of the Blockchain: LinuxCon Keynote Preview

For the past few years I have been fascinated by the rise of Bitcoin and the technology that underpins it: the blockchain. Like Linux, the blockchain is an example of the continued march towards distributed systems and technology. Trust is a central element of these types of systems and the blockchain can enable this through its unique technology. If we have unique person-to-person trusted transactions without the need for a centralized institution all types of innovation and efficiency can be unlocked, especially for those in the developing world. Decentralized and federated systems of larger and larger parts is the way our civilization is heading and the blockchain can be a core enabler of that progression.   There are many similarities between Linux and the blockchain and so I was thrilled that Greg Maxwell, one of the core Bitcoin maintainers and a long term open source and cryptogrophy developer, accepted my invitation to keynote LinuxCon this year. I recently caught up with him to talk about his speech and the potential he sees for the Blockchain.  Tell us about your work at Blockstream and the potential of the blockchain in areas outside Bitcoin? I am really intrigued by many of the potential applications, especially for the developing world. Can you give us a glimpse into a future powered by distributed open technology?  Bitcoin presented a solution to a previously thought to be unsolvable problem: How can machines securely come to an agreement about the state of a shared ledger without resorting to trusted third parties. The obvious first application was creating a world wide digital money that doesn't depend on centralized authorities. But creating a...

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A Preview: Oracle Connects the Dots at LinuxCon/CloudOpen/ContainerCon

I’m really pleased with the lineup of keynote speakers and sessions we have planned for LinuxCon, CloudOpen and ContainerCon taking place in Seattle in just two short weeks. Content is our first priority for these events, and I think developers, SysAdmins and executives will be happy with what they find in the keynote hall, session rooms and workshops.

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Announcing Our First SysAdmin Linux Certification Workshop at LinuxCon

This year for the first time we’ll host an in person SysAdmin certification prep workshop the day prior to LinuxCon in Seattle, Sunday, August 16, 2015. It’s only $69 which is a huge...

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Announcing Apache: Big Data and ApacheCon: Core

We’re excited to announce a large change in the structure of the annual ApacheCon events in North America and Europe. After extensive research and discussions with the Apache Software Foundation community, ApacheCon will now consist of two co-located events, called Apache: Big Data, and ApacheCon: Core. 

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