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Share Your Expertise: Calling First-Time Speakers to Contribute at LinuxCon/CloudOpen North America

The Linux Foundation produces more than 15 events a year. They range from the Linux Kernel Summit to CloudOpen to Automotive and Embedded Linux Conferences. If you have attended our events over the last few years you would likely have run into many luminaries from the world of Linux, open source and open cloud. We are fortunate to work every day with experts from the developer communities and with many of the largest open source projects and companies in the world. It‚Äôs a great talent pool to choose from.

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New Paper: How Engineering Leaders Can Use the Yocto Project to Solve Complex Problems

 In a new Linux Foundation training publication titled How Engineering Leaders Can Use the Yocto Project to Solve Complex Problems, the Linux Foundation‚Äôs Director of Embedded Solutions, Rudi Streif, outlines some common challenges that plague engineering leaders who work with embedded products.  As a 20+ year experienced embedded engineer, Streif walks you through some specific scenarios that are common across all industries and shows how the Yocto Project was design specifically to address them.

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Join Us For the KVM End User Technical Summit at the New York Stock Exchange

KVM and open virtualization are being rapidly adopted as end users look for lower-cost, enterprise hypervisors. One the major use cases for KVM is to virtualize and consolidate Linux workloads, and the pre-integration of KVM in major Linux distributions makes it easy for Linux enterprise end users to adopt KVM. A special KVM End User Technical Summit is running during this year's Linux Foundation Enterprise End User Summit, with the aim of introducing Linux users to the benefits of KVM, describing the KVM technical roadmap, and discussing the deployment and management of KVM both on its own and in multi-hypervisor environments. Sponsored by IBM, and with support from members of the Open Virtualization Alliance, this track aims to bring together customers, vendors and developers for interactive discussions about the use of KVM in practice, barriers...

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Announcing Outreach Program for Women Internships for the Linux Kernel: Please Apply

I am pleased to announce The Linux Foundation is funding three Linux kernel internships through the Outreach Program for Women administered by the GNOME Foundation. These internships have a $5,000 stipend and come with a $500 travel grant to attend and speak at LinuxCon this fall. This is a great opportunity to work with a mentor and get started with kernel development, which as many articles report, is a great way to land a high-paying job.  The official deadline for applying to OPW is May 1st. However, the kernel project joined late, so that deadline is flexible. Please fill our your initial application, and then update by May 17th with your initial patch. Applicants will be notified by May 27th if they have been accepted. Participating areas of...

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My Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit Picks and Details on Live Video Access to Keynotes

For The Linux Foundation, April is not the cruelest month: it's one of the busiest. Every year, we hold our Collaboration Summit in mid-April to bring together our members, Linux and open source community developers, open source legal minds, and large scale Linux and open source users in an intimate setting. Even as The Linux Foundation has expanded its event lineup to include LinuxCon, CloudOpen, Automotive Linux Summits, and more throughout the world, this remains our original event, and because of that, as well as it's small size and unique format, it's special to many of us in the community.As we prepare I wanted to share some of my top picks for speakers and sessions, as well as remind everyone who can't join us this year that you can watch the day 1 keynotes for free via live video stream. Just sign up on the Events website.My picks include:* Automotive crowd sourcing, presented by Jaguar Land Rover's Matt Jones. Not...

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