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Reality Check: Supercomputers Still Rule… and Linux Still Rules Them

Given the rise of clustered computers, is supercomputing even worth it anymore? After all, supercomputers are not easy to build and tend to need a lot of resources (like power) to operate. Couldn't cloud computing or even a cluster of Hadoop systems do the same thing for a lot less hassle?

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Reality Check: Why Linux for ARM Will Make The Cloud Greener

Intel x86 processors have long dominated the computing market, but a not-so-new competitor will soon be giving Intel a run for its money in server space: ARM processors.

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Reality Check: OpenStack is Not the Next Linux

As much as it would be nice to wrap up the OpenStack cloud computing platform in a neat little bow and offer it up to the great gods of allegory, there are key differences in the basic origin stories of OpenStack and Linux that make the comparison a little strained.

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Reality Check: Defining The True Success of Linux

In his second Reality Check post, part of a new series, Brian Proffitt talks about a touchy subject: the Linux desktop. 

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Reality Check: 5 Linux Features You Want in Your Company

One of my favorite things to do when I am teaching is explaining the whole Linux thing to my undergrad students. It takes a while to understand that no, their instructor isn't crazy (about this), there really is a free operating system out there that's pretty much running the Internet, supercomputers, and the DVR back in their dorm room. So what is it about Linux that's made this operating so popular for everyone from individual users to enterprises to governments? Is it the cute penguin? Linus Torvalds' charming personality? Here are five attributes that epitomize Linux as a successful operating system. 

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