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Fake Linus Torvalds Revealed

Just after the popular kernel panel roundtable at LinuxCon today,Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin took the stage and announced the time had come to reveal the identities of the Fake Linus Torvalds who had inundated the Linux Foundation's Twitter feed in recent weeks with humorous, sometimes startling, comments.
The parody rap video for the contest was played for the audience, including Torvalds, who, judging from his expression, had never seen it before.
Just who were these imposters? 
  • FLT1: Dan Lyons, the ghost behind FakeSteveJobs and currently a Newsweek reporter
  • FLT2: Matt Asay, CNET open source blogger and VP of business development at Alfresco
  • FLT3: Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier, former reporter and currently community manager for openSUSE
  • FLT4: Jono Bacon, Community Manager, Ubuntu
Lyons, who was not able to attend the event, delivered his thanks to the Foundation through a recorded video. He said it was tougher to fake Torvalds, since Linus is such a nice guy, than Apple founder Steve Jobs. Lyons added that is there were ever a contest to fake Free Software guru Richard Stallman, count him in.
Zemlin announced that Lyons came in fourth with his tweets, with Brockmeier coming in third, and Bacon the runner-up, leaving Asay in first place.
To give an idea of their characterizations, Asay (FLT2) recently did an email interview with WebMonkey and Bacon (FLT4) did an interview with Ostatic.
As he received the coveted silver penguin award, Asay told the crowd he was honored to emulate, if only for a brief time, such a huge presence in the open source community.



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