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Cloud Computing Too Costly in the Long Term?

During their own Sept. 29 Cloud Computing Summit, IDC made what at first glance sounded like a self-defeating statement: clouds, in the long run, are actually a more expensive option than a company running its own datacenter.

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Bringing Linux to Small Business

  We are all impressed and excited by the success of commercial Linux vendors. Red Hat, Novell, Canonical, Mandriva, Oracle, and a host of other Linux companies are making great strides in delivering performance and value to the enterprise marketplace.
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Cisco Contest Milepost on Journey to Open Innovation

It's interesting what the same thing means to different people. We see it time and again in the Linux world, of course, as the myriad approaches to Linux have created different distros, desktop environments, applications... put something as malleable as Linux and open source software in front of a bunch of really talented people, and you get some really fantastic output.
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Watch the 2009 Linux Plumbers Conference

Videos from the LPC are now ready to view for anyone interested in deep kernel topics.

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LinuxCon: Keynote, Session Videos Available Now

While there's little substitute for actually attending an event, so many things were said and done at this year's LinuxCon, we had to get videos of the event out for public viewing as soon as we could.

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