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New Features Encourage Contribution

When first launched, we knew that as feature-packed as the site was, there were some additional features we wanted to add to the site when the time came to make even better.

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Oracle Pitches Software Appliances to ISVs

OpenSource World got started today, and Oracle was one of the first companies to use the revamped event as a platform to announce some interesting news: a bigger push into software appliances with the launch of their new Oracle VM Template Builder.

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LinuxCon: When Open Source Is Not Enough

Next up in our series of interviews is Bdale Garbee, Chief Technologist for Open Source and Linux at Hewlett-Packard. Garbee is a steady fixture in the Linux community, known for his work at HP as well as Debian Project Leader. His keynote "The Freedom to Collaborate," will delve into innovation from open source and how to keep that innovation alive.

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IBM: UNIX to Linux Migration Rate Growing

The question of whether Linux is ready for the enterprise has long been answered by the enormous success the operating system has had in enterprise and data center adoption. The new question should be: how long will it take for Linux to supplant Unix's place in the enterprise?
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Sharing at Every Level

A very nice thing about the Linux community is the sense of altruism that pervades throughout. While the technology is all very well and good, I truly do not think Linux as a concept would keep people around as much as it does without the overall sense of generosity that most Linux users have.

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