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Yet More Reading

Somebody in the comments wondered how I have time to read so much.. Part of it is simply that reading is my only real hobby (scuba? Sure - one week a year. Reading? 51 weeks a year).
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Memorial Day BBQ

I've always liked the demotivational posters from a lot more than those inane motivational ones. And this one obviously hits close to home.
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More reading...

So in between testing -rc5 on all the machines I can find (and in the process being a total PITA when I find just configuration idiocies and a random "my wireless doesn't work - oh, wait, yes it does"), I've been reading more. And yes, I finished off the Soldier Son trilogy.
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Reading: Evil Genes

.. by Barbara Oakley. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed in the lack of any actual science (it starts out much more promising than it then ends up being). But that disappointment is balanced by the fact that it was actually a fun read...
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Peeve of the day

Ok, so I have lots of pet peeves, and if I wanted to blog them all I'd have no time for anything else (and a lot more blog posts than the occasional one), but this one struck me the other day. I was at the optometrist with Patricia, who is near-sighted like me...
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