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Smart Phones, eBook Readers, and the Same Old, Same Old

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose — French Proverb 
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Rambus EU Settlement Appears Near

According to Reuters, one more thread in the long-running saga of Rambus and the JEDEC SDRAM standards abuse saga appears to be reaching an end.
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The Birth of the SGIP (Live from Denver)

Over the next ten years, tens, and possibly hundreds of millions, of new platforms are going to be put into place in the United States as part of a new national infrastructure...

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Checking In on CodePlex

It’s been more than a month since I last wrote about the CodePlex Foundation, the new open source initiative announced by Microsoft in early September.
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Digitization and the (Vanishing) Arts of the Book

It’s easy to appreciate the wonders of the Web, and all of the riches that the Internet brings into our lives. All of which makes it easy indeed not to notice the things that tend to slip away, as the collateral damage of progress.
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