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The Constantine Code and the Missing Standard!

One of the realities that every standards professional must deal with is the sad fact that everyone else in the world thinks that standards are… [start over; no one else thinks about standards much at all] Ahem.
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It’s Time for Obama to Come Out for FOSS

Some of the best software available is open source, but non-proprietary software has enemies as well as friends. Not surprisingly, then there’s been plenty of fog on Capitol Hill about free and open source software (FOSS) for a decade now.
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Further Reflections on the CodePlex Foundation: The Glass Half Full

Two weeks ago, I wrote an analysis of the governance structure of the CodePlex Foundation, a new open source-focused foundation launched by Microsoft. My opinion, as expressed in that piece, was that significant changes (which I outlined) would need to be made to the Foundation before it would be taken seriously by Microsoft’s competitors, and more especially, by individual open source developers.
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The CodePlex Foundation: First Impressions (and Recommendations)

Well, it’s been a busy week in Lake Wobegon, hasn’t it?
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Open vs. Closed: the iPhone’s Future or Folly?

Steve Jobs is a genius of design and marketing, but his track record on calling the right balance between utilizing proprietary arts and public resources (like open source and open standards) is more questionable. Two news items caught my eye today that illustrate the delicacy of m...
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