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Revealed: Limited Edition "I Fight for an Open Cloud" T-shirt

Two weeks from today The Linux Foundation will debut CloudOpen. This is a really exciting time in cloud computing, a time when developers and open source projects are clearly leading the way in technology innovation. The building blocks are in place thanks to decades of open source software development, and everybody is looking for their edge.

CloudOpen will provide a vendor- and project-neutral venue for collaboration and for advancing key technologies. CloudStack, Eucalyptus Systems, OpenStack, Gluster, oVirt, Chef, Puppet, Xen, KVM, OpenShift, Ceph and more will all be there, as will the vendors and users who want to understand how best to work with these projects.

Part of the event's focus is ensuring that we all protect freedom, collaboration and access in this maturing computing environment. Users have gained massive advantages in the last two decades due to the rise of Linux and open source software, and together we can ensure those advantages remain as we move forward in the cloud. This is the only way that the full opportunity of the cloud can be realized.

As Amanda McPherson wrote in her blog, Why We're Fighting for an Open Cloud, we must protect the freedoms we've come to expect lest the advantages users have come to know be lost.

To show your support for the open cloud, we're revealing today a limited edition T-shirt titled "I Fight for an Open Cloud." These shirts have been designed and produced to be available only at this first-time event.

cloud tshirt

We hope you will join us in San Diego August 29-31 and that you'll proudly wear one of these exclusive and stylish T's. You can also grab a web badge on the Fight for the Open Cloud webpage. And, if you haven't already, don't forget to register!



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  • Andres Alvarado Said:

    Where can i buy a t-shirt like that one?

  • Ivan Said:

    I would like to buy this t-shirt, but where?

  • Nahuel Said:

    Hi, this is amazing! The initiative for fight for an open cloud and the T-shirt ;) Do you think, that can send my one to Buenos Aires ... ? Exists any place to see online this event??

  • J.K. Said:

    It would be great if the article actually linked to the t-shirt so we can buy it.

  • paus Said:

    Better stock-up on XXL and XXXL sizes for the target market of these shirts.

  • ichsan Said:

    Where can i buy a t-shirt like that one? please

  • rektide Said:

    The article says shirts will only be available to attendees of the CloudOpen event. The air-fare for me to get there is a little more than I can stomach. :( Would love a buy option.

  • Jennifer Cloer Said:

    It is a limited edition and we only plan to make it available at the first CloudOpen. However, if we continue to see this demand, we'll look into including in the Store (

  • Nightflare Said:

    Hi.. can i get it in India.. Where can i buy these.. i want 2 of this .. :)

  • Sia Said:

    Damn! I'm coming to the States for the very first time in my life on Aug 27, but have to spend a few days in New York before I move in to San Diego on Sept 2 where I'll be living for nine months! It's a real pity how I'm gonna miss the event :( And of course the T-shirts. I wish I could buy one of those T-shirts somewhere else later on...

  • Lawrence Said:

    Do we also have this on our country? where can i buy ? and how much ?

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