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Learn Linux from the Experts: Live Linux Q&A January 16


There are a lot of Linux experts in the community who have amazing stories and great depths of information to share, including Linux kernel developers, Linux Foundation's Linux training instructors, writers and many, many more people working on Linux every day.

We bring many of these people together to collaborate at our Linux events throughout the year and offer resources to increase knowledge about Linux with our Linux training courses. Beginning today we'll be offering another way to connect with community members and gain easier access to experts to learn more about Linux online:

Live Linux Q&As on our social channels, starting next week, Wednesday, January 16, on Facebook.

These Live Linux Q&As will rotate throughout our social channels, from Facebook to Google+ and Twitter to LinkedIn, so you can connect when/where it makes the most sense for you. And, we'll be sourcing experts from a variety of areas that include, our Linux training instructors, the Linux kernel development community, Linux community projects, our members and more.

carla-headshotWe'll be starting with one of's freelance contributors Carla Schroder. Carla is part of an amazing team of freelance writers who are Linux experts and who write useful stories and Linux tutorials to share with the community every week. She is also a self-taught system and network administrator.

In the Live Linux Q&A on Facebook January 16, she'll be answering questions from the community about how to get started with Linux. Carla will be online from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. PT Wednesday, January 16, answering your questions about getting started with Linux, about distros, downloading and installing Linux, and more. Seasoned users are invited to join as well and to share their knowledge with the "newbies."

Just visit the event on our Facebook page to add it to your events online.

Carla shared with us a handful of articles from that can help get you thinking about what you might want to ask her during the Live Q&A.

How to Get Paid to Work on Linux

Weekend Project: Linux for Beginners

Weekend Project: Become a Linux Contributor

The 2012 Top 7 Best Linux Distributions for You

The Six Best Linux Community Server Distributions

Here are some related upcoming Linux Training courses and a new tutorial as well: 

Training: Introduction to Linux
Tutorial: How to Get Started Using Linux

Got a question but can’t be online at that time? Leave in the comment section and we'll try to include in during the Q&A. And, you can read more about Carla here. 



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  • Willie Matthews Said:

    Not Facebook, do it on Google Plus!

  • linuxrebel Said:

    Please, never on facebook. I did GeoCities years ago, and I avoided AOL's silo. I hardly need to use another Silo called facebook. The idea of what you are doing is incredibly good. Thanks for that. But doing it on facebook is a lot like doing a Linux symposium on MS Chat in 1999. Just because "everybody is there" doesn't make it the proper forum.

  • Arwen Said:

    What's the difference? Google throws more code over the fence, but they've both built their empires on un-shared open source and data-mining our personal information. Anyway we should reach out to new users wherever they are.

  • sanjay Said:

    how to take permission o upload a image in a folder using php

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