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Please Join Us: The 100 Linux Tutorial Campaign


100 Linux Tutorials

We know that the Linux community is growing. It's getting bigger every year as it moves across industries and geographies. Our Who Writes Linux paper documents each year the increasing number of contributors, sponsors and the pace of development. Only the collaborative development model can deliver and support this kind of rapid growth.

The Linux development community is responsible for some of the most important technology breakthroughs of the decade. Just take a look at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to see the kinds of products and innovations that Linux is making possible. To sustain this virtuous cycle, we need to spread knowledge and information about Linux to the masses. There are thousands of "newbies" coming to Linux every day. We see them online, at our events, in our Linux training courses and joining The Linux Foundation as individual members.

But how can we as a community make sure that developers and IT managers new to Linux have the basic information they need to start contributing and benefiting from Linux right now? We've come up with one way we think we can help, but we can't do it alone.

The 100 Linux Tutorials Campaign is a yearlong effort to build a collective knowledge base of Linux videos.

We invite you to share your knowledge with users and developers new to Linux. You can help remove barriers to learning Linux and transfer expertise around the globe. This contribution to Linux is a very important one. We know that together we can achieve our goal of collecting 100 Linux tutorials this year and making learning Linux as easy as clicking the mouse. We've already had contributions from Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman and other members of the community.

You can share original video tutorials you've created, or you can upload Linux tutorial videos that you've found helpful to the video forum from other locations. As we begin to receive the videos, we will feature and promote the best ones. This will spread the information fast and give the video creators (you!) exposure in the community.

We're planning a celebration for when together we hit the 100 milestones. Stay tuned for more details as we edge closer to the triple digit.

Please join us and be a part of this worldwide effort. Upload your Linux tutorial now.



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  • Jacob Yates(blmvxer) Said:

    What tutorials are popular or needed? I'll try to make a couple of videos, and do they need to be Linux Kernel specific or could I aim my tips on Ubuntu 12.10 or Fedora 18 or even Android 4.1.x?

  • Avinash Said:

    i would love to see some videos of ubuntu 12.10.

  • Linux Day Romania Said:

    We are trying to organize the Linux Day in Romania. An event in Romania has never been done, we find many difficulties to involve LUGs of Romania. We are on the side of each course and Free Open Source Software GNU/Linux. We are with you!

  • Rama Said:

    Please no... No video!!! Give us actual DOCUMENT tutorials, we can read, edit and add to documents, with video just can't do that (edit, add, etc.) to an existing tutorial. With video, it's a one-shot deal. New version? Quite often that means a new video. With documents, you can simply add to them or edit them, everyone can, not so with already rendered videos.

  • Sputnik Said:

    Indeed. Besides, videos use more bandwidth and battery, and one must know the video well, to jump to a particular point.

  • here2serve Said:

    Sorry no videos to upload but a Free community LPIC-1 course is available

  • GoinEasy9 Said:

    This is a great idea. The Linux Foundation is the perfect place to have a repository of video and written tutorials.

  • amiv Said:

    hi, nice post you may have a look at my tutorials too i need your shares!

  • Scott Westlake Said:

    Hi, my name is Scott and I make youtube videos for people who have never used Linux, or are thinking of switching to Linux but don't know where to start.. I also started a googleplus community page for to Linux Software.. solely for indexing software for new users.. with dedicated sections on Wikipedia Lists of Linux software to make more efficient sources for new users to find software that would not make the community page list. The purpose of my presense on youtube and googleplus is promoting Linux. I also have found an interest that would invite many other people beyond the idea of a Linux Desktop. Valve just announced Steam for Linux and I have been checking it out. Gaming to Linux is also another reason why people should adopt Linux.. and the games are stable and playable.. Linux is fun, and there cannot be any better platform to show it.. Business and Gaming.. times look great ahead for Linux.. Come by my channel and see how easy Linux can be installed for absolute beginners. I also demonstrate Steam for Linux.. These channels are relatively new and everyone is welcome.. advanced users may also find some interesting snippets from my Command-Line tutorials for newbies. (Some books don't cover what I cover in these command tutorial sessions) 'Linux Software' googleplus community page Playlists of videos- Linux installation material "Linux Install Favorites: Westlake's Choices - YouTube" "Linux Preparing/Troubleshoot: Partition and Boot Repair - YouTube" "Linux Gaming - YouTube" "Linux Install: PearOS - YouTube" "Linux Install: Debian demo - YouTube" "Linux Install: Opensuse 12.2 demo - YouTube" "Linux Install: Mint demo - YouTube" "Linux Install: Ubuntu demo - YouTube" "Linux Install: Fedora 17 demo - YouTube" "Linux Install: Centos 6.3 demo - YouTube" "Linux basics in command line, How to use - YouTube"

  • Scott Westlake Said:

    The above post didn't turn out like I meant it to be. The index site links I tried to post was the following two.. Linux installation video material- and.. 'Linux Software' community group (new and advanced users)

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