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Why Do You Use Linux?

In anticipation of reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter (and I'm happy to report we did last week!), the Linux Foundation asked our fellow Linux users, "Why do you use Linux?" Here are some of the great responses we received.

@linuxfoundation I use Linux because it runs on practically everything. It's safe, fast and costumizable. And it's free and open! #linuxcon





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  • Terry Said:

    I use Linux because it's VERY customisable, works on pretty much everything you throw it at, can be made 'portable' (think: USB key/flash drive), i.e. take anywhere, and it's extremely fast, efficient and has very low resource requirements, especially if you take Puppy Linux into consideration.

  • Alex Vanderveen Said:

    I use Linux because I got fed up with reinstalling windows one day. I tried Linux and ever since then I felt like my computer was finally mine. I've never been so inspired or fascinated by ANYTHING this way. This is going to be my life. Linux is worth every minute I put into it, because its not about the OS, its about me. And its about everyone. Linux truly is by people for people.

  • Santosh Balram Said:

    I use linux because there is no restriction (I agree up to some extend) using the operating system or application. From Microsoft and other licensed software even you pay its still not worth.

  • Marco Robbesom Said:

    There´s a lot of mreasons I use Linux.When I first started with Linuxthe main reason was being able to use computers without anyone calling me athief. By using Linux I discovered it was far more stable and secure than Windows,No longer was I plagued with virusscans that took up all the resources of my computer for at least an hour,hoping the latest update of my virusscanner was indeed up to date. No longer I had to reboot after a program got stuck,simply typing xkill in bash and the program terminates. No longer a blue screen of death. No more loosing passwords and other data after a reinstall. No more clogging up the computer with zerofiles and registry entries Also I found the ease of installing software was so much better than on Windows or Mac. The open source and freeware alternatives of most programs are as good or better than commercial ones and most of them run in wine anyway. As a bonus to all this I found that rendertime for 3D rendering was noticeably faster

  • Frank Albe Said:

    I started using Linux in 1999 on my laptop while doing contract work for a firm that sold vertical market Unix applications. It was a good substitute for Unix without restrictive licensing. I've been using Linux exclusively in my home network (currently 7 machines) since 2003. It's great to live in a "No-Win(tm)" world.

  • Paddy Said:

    I'm one of those that did not care about the price (within reason) or libre. I just wanted something that worked and didn't crash all the time, and Linux fitted the bill. (I have since discovered the value of libre: bugs get fixed!) Now my whole family and some of my friends use Linux.

  • Blaine Clark Said:

    I spent the entire summer of '07 learning more about the innards of XP than I ever wanted or needed to and waiting on MS support. By mid fall I was ready for anything else. I'd had the computer hardware checked and rechecked with no trouble found. It was just XP. I decided to try that Linux thing after months of lost productivity and an enlarged vocabulary. If I'd only known! I ran the Ubuntu Live Load for one day and copied all my files off. The next day I dove in and installed Ubuntu over XP and put my files in. I've never looked back! My wife was using Vista and after watching me for about a month wanted to try this Linux thing too so I dual-booted her computer. Early '08 she noticed that she hadn't used Vista for quite a while so her Vista went to find my XP! I needed to switch. My wife was only curious and switched. Our co-grandmother's laptop black-screened on her last year. I put Linux-Mint Maya on it. She's so pleased she doesn't care if she ever sees Microsoft again! So, here's three grandparents that have wised up to Microsoft's trash. Three old fogies enjoying that Linux thing! Our grandkids can say that all their grandparents use Linux! As soon as the great-grandkids start talking, guess what they'll say?

  • David Harris Said:

    I use Linux because I got tired of the never changing world of Microsoft. While Microsoft's features and abilities have changed over the years, it is still very bloated and requires a lot of overhead on your system's resources. I started using Linux back in 1999 because of the delay in Windows 98 and I fell in love with it. Since that time, the GUI has improved immensely as well as being a little more user friendly to people like my wife who begged me to put linux on her new computer after I put it on her old laptop. You should have seen the look on my son's face when he saw me play World Of Warcraft using wine compared to his Windows machine.

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