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Linus Torvalds Reads Mean Tweets

We recently visited Linux creator Linus Torvalds at his home office where we talked about The Linux Foundation's 'Introduction to Linux' edX MOOC course, the way he works (more to come on this in the coming weeks) and Mean Tweets.

In the spirit of Jimmy Kimmel's popular "Mean Tweets" series in which celebrity guests read aloud ridiculous things random people have tweeted about them, we asked Linus if he'd like to read a few tweets people have posted about him. If you know anything about Linus, you won't be surprised to hear that this seemed to be his favorite part of our whole visit.

Compared to Jimmy Kimmel's series, we kept it clean and relatively tame. But it is still a whole lot of fun to see Linus respond to people's comments about programmers, Git vs Linux and gaming. It's short but entirely sweet.

We hope you enjoy this and share it on Twitter with hashtag #MeanTweets.



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  • Lizzi Swane Said:

    Those are great! Thank you for pr push. People need to see the man behind the code. I love Linux very much and though I am closing in on 50, I am going for a+, Linux and perhaps networking certs for a new career in it. Did I mention I love Linux?

  • Alessandro Selli Said:

    I'm not sure you mentionned it, but I kinda got the message between the lines! :-)

  • AnonGuy Said:

    Interesting video but definitely not funny, canned laughter is terrible.

  • AnonGuyisqueer Said:

    Words from an anonymous ingrate are useless. Get the f*ck outta here you piece of drek.

  • ThankULinus Said:

    Thank you Linus, Hahah so funny!! Love you Linus thank you & everyone for giving millions of humans jobs with Linux

  • shayne Said:

    i'd say linux would be the crowning achievement rather than git. Crowning because you can run mercurial on linux :P (I joke, I joke)

  • Kevin Fishburne Said:

    Considering this -is- Linus Torvalds, we really need the HBO version. :) Granted, it might make people who aren't familiar with his mailing list rants a little perplexed, but I'd pay good money to see it.

  • FuzzyTheBear Said:

    Super funny .. but too short. It would be fun to have a weekly or monthly. "Tweets with Linus" . We all use his kernel but very few have had the pleasure of shaking hands or have a few laughs with the man. This is a superb occasion to have a bit of close and personal , if it can be done;. Hmm souds like a cron job to me :D

  • Johnny Said:

    Great idea and fairly amusing, but could be so much better. The tweets he responds to are not mean at all and I know Torvalds has better comedy in him that this. With meaner tweets and some deadpan dry humor it could be hilarious.

  • Vijay Kumar Kanta Said:

    I found this extremely un-funny. :-(

  • Evan Rowley Said:

    Actually this is genius because it gives the impression that nobody has anything mean to tweet about Linus Torvalds.

  • Peter Said:

    I think the last tweet's answer was cool. But the video was too short :(

  • gurupal singh Said:

    Yeah, yes we have Steam on LINUX ;)

  • Fire Jennifer C-Loser Said:

    This stupid nonsense is a great reason to sack Jennifer C-Loser.

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