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If You Don't Know Linux, You Better Learn Fast

Jobs again this year were a major theme in the State of the Union address with the President saying that we must train our students for the jobs of tomorrow. Guess what? Those jobs of tomorrow are Linux jobs. Maybe the President didn't realize he was talking about Linux, but we know that Linux is supporting the computing infrastructure that makes our 21st century lives possible. From the phones we use to the websites we frequent to the cars we drive, Linux is running it all. And nothing underscores this fact more than year-over-year demand for Linux talent to support its pervasiveness in every day life.

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Tux Does Mardi Gras: Share His Video and Win Ticket to LinuxCon/CloudOpen

LinuxCon North America and CloudOpen won’t happen until September but the party has already started in New Orleans where the Mardi Gras celebration is in full swing this week and the recent Super Bowl was so hot it literally turned the power out.

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Passionate Facebook Linux Community Edges Towards 100,000th Fan

Linux is literally everywhere, powering everything from the New York Stock Exchange to mobile phones to supercomputers and consumer electronics. More people have a stake in this shared resource than ever before, and that is represented by the number of people we're seeing at our events and Linux training courses to the support we receive in new memberships. It's also represented in our social channels.

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It's a Great Time to Know Linux: "More Linux, More Money"

Dice this week released it's annual Salary Survey (2013-2012 Salary Survey) and the results were good news for everyone, showing the largest jump in tech salaries in more than a decade. But the news was especially sweet for Linux pro's.

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Wrap-up: Live Linux Q&A on Getting Started with Linux

We recently conducted a Live Linux Q&A on Facebook, which was our first in a new series of live Q&A opportunities with Linux experts hosted on The Linux Foundation's social channels. This debut Q&A featured freelance contributor Carla Schroder, who answered questions about how to get started with Linux.

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