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Watch the Movie Trailer for LinuxCon/CloudOpen and Win VIP Gift

What's been your summer blockbuster favorite? Wolverine? Lone Ranger? Pacific Rim? You ain't seen nothin' yet! Our favorite summer blockbuster comes out September 16 with an exclusive showing only in New Orleans: LinuxCon and CloudOpen North America taking place September 16-18, 2013 at the Hyatt New Orleans.

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Candy Chang's Lessons on Community and Collaboration Through Collective Art

The word 'community' has many definitions, especially in the world of open source software and Linux. Urban planner, artist and TED fellow Candy Chang has her own understanding of community, cultivated through collective art projects in her hometown of New Orleans. Chang will share her insights on community and collaboration in her keynote at LinuxCon North America in New Orleans, Sept. 16-18. Here she gives us a sneak peek at the talk. 

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Happy SysAdmin Day! Forty Percent Off LinuxCon/CloudOpen for 24 Hours

It's the last Friday of July and that means it's SysAdmin Day. The Linux Foundation is so pleased to call some of the world's best SysAdmins its employees and colleagues and we want to thank them as well as the millions of men and women who put up with the rest of us throughout the year.

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Wild Goose Chase: Chasing Your Way to LinuxCon Could Win You $500

In the Linux and open source software communities, there is something that is worth just as much as the paycheck developers and SysAdmins take home: it's the reputation they earn among their peers for the quality of their code and their work.

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How to Learn Linux and Share What You Learn: 100 Linux Video Tutorials

One of the best things about Linux is that people share what they learn. It's a virtuous cycle of knowledge.

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